No 1 Cause of Kids Misbehavior – What Every Parent Should Know

Jonathon*, 7, got his hands dirty after playing Play-Doh. His mum who is busy baking rice, repeatedly told him to wash his hands and get ready for dinner. He doesn’t seem to ‘get the message‘ but continued playing. Mum yell from the kitchen ‘Jonathan, you heard me? It’s dinner time, you’ve got to…..’. Hearing no response, mum left the kitchen to check on Jonathon. To her surprise, he was holding a marker and drawing on his toddler sister’s face! Permanent marker of course! He probably learned face painting from school. Her jaw-dropped! She slapped her forehead.

This is an extremely common scenario of kids misbehaving. They misbehave everyday. But why do kids misbehave anyway?

They are curious, playful and inconsequential. They are impulsive. Impulsiveness is the major cause of kids misbehavior. Kids who have little reasoning power act impulsively without giving their actions some thought. They will not take time to think through their choices of actions and consequences of each action or conclude which action will lead to best consequences before carrying it out.

In the example above, Jonathon will have little empathy over his mum or pathetic little sister going through a tough cleaning process. He’ll probably be enjoying bake rice and watching Ben10 by then – without washing this hands of keeping the Play-Doh!

Parents face challenging parenting woes are not getting any help to cope with kids misbehavior. Some parents try so hard that they can lose patience and blow-up. So, what should parents like us do to improve kids behavior? Do you know there are factors such as diet, sleep, exercise and screen time has a large impact on kids behavior (or rather misbehavior)?

As these factors are external and physical contributors, they can certainly be controlled by you as a parent. The amount of preservative in food and violence in television programs which will cause misbehavior are often underestimated. Find out the exact studies done, do’s and don’t in offering correct amount of diet, sleep, exercise and screen time in The Happy Child Guide.

*not his real name. story description is purely author’s point of view with no intention to coincide with any child in particular.

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